EnterMission Coaching is a growing tribe of dangerous churches who have been willing to march off the map into new territory with an intensive coaching experience. It is not an academy for information transfer, but a learning community of Kingdom revolutionaries who walk with each other. And it’s quickly growing. Because of this, “Hubs” have been created in various locations to make participation more accessible. Hubs currently accepting participants: Granger, East/West and Kansas City.

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What Entermission Alumni Are Saying

“Combine real-world practitioners with a proven track record, a teaching church thatsets the standard in learning experiences marked by the appropriate mix of information and engagement, colleagues passionate about the mission of Jesus in the world, practical resources that have been developed and tested in the trenches, and you’ll begin to understand what EnterMission Coaching is all about. Or more simply, it’s the single best experience available to guide us on the journey to church-centered mission. When it comes to a missional strategy for the church, they know their stuff…they just aren’t talking theories but they are practitioners who are changing the world. These guys really get it!”
Brian Mills – Lead Pastor at Meadow Heights Church, Fredericktown, MO
“EnterMission Coaching and the missional moves have transformed the way we look at mission, locally and globally. We are seeing transformation; people living on mission and on purpose for Christ. You have a tremendous opportunity to get on board with innovative teaching and techniques on the cutting edge of mission today. “
Mike & Julie Chaisson – Volunteer Leader of Mission & Executive Pastor at StoneRidge Fellowship, Nova Scotia, Canada