“There are some who seem quick to abandon the already-existing, established churches we see all around us, jettisoning the potential that lies dormant. What Rob and Jack have done is tell not just a captivating story, but give a compelling future for the churches we find ourselves in that might currently lack missional imagination. What if we were able to re-ignite, once again, the people in our pews to join God, each day, in his mission in the world he so loves? What if our churches, long asleep, were woken up into a new, bright reality? Missional Moves is about this journey. I could not recommend this book more highly.”
Mike Breen – Founder/Global Team Leader 3DM
“A tour de force into the heart of God, Missional Moves is an invitation into the new frontiers of mission for a radically changing world. I highly recommend it.”
Stephan J. Bauman – President/CEO World Relief
“Granger Community Church is a church that has risen to the challenge. The senior leaders at Granger are leaders with precisely the kind of imagination, courage, and leadership needed today. It has been my holy joy to observe and at times even participate in what they are doing. In this book you will encounter leadership that has a clear vision of the future, a willingness to take risks and put the system on the line to achieve that vision, a great change process that enables you to move from being a mega-church (and they are that!) to a missional movement, and a capacity to create working models of church that ordinary people can live into.

Rob and Jack have been at the heart of this ecclesial re-architecting. Rob and Jack are joyous, humble, intelligent, compassionate, and highly committed disciples of Jesus. They are the right men for the job. It is my hope that with this book, Rob and Jack’s influence will extend to the broader church and provide many with a model of apostolic leadership, sorely needed in our day, and a model of the missional church that can advance the cause of Christ in our time.”

Alan Hirsch – Founder of Forge Missional Training Network
“Rob and Jack have been early students and practitioners in the missional movement. They’ve done their homework. They are experts in this field. And they are also living it. This book belongs on every pastor’s shelf!”
Shawn Lovejoy – Lead Pastor at Mountain Lake Church, Directional Leader of
“Missional Moves takes on practically all the major philosophical and practical challenges and changes associated with mission at this time in the church’s history. It’s a unique book-part pastoral inspiration, part apostolic insurrection, part how to build an atomic bomb. Amazing!”
Don Golden – VP of Church Engagement, World Relief
“Many books are written, but every now and then a title comes along that challenges commonly-held paradigms and paves the way toward a new normal way of thinking. Wegner and Magruder have done just that in Missional Moves. They have very carefully and graciously challenged what we have always thought about church missions; and they have re-set the definition for success and effectiveness for a whole new generation of churches. Most impressively, Missional Moves isn’t just based on hopeful thinking or unproven theory—both authors have their feet on the ground seeing these shifts in play throughout the world.”
Tim Stevens – Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church
“A picture is worth a thousand words. The words in this book will create pictures of missional moves you won’t see anywhere else. Rob and Jack don’t offer us a fantasy world of CGI make-believe; they offer a realistic look at what could be, and should be, in the world of missional moves. This book is a must-read for those who must see how God’s kingdom is coming.”
Mark Beeson – Founding Pastor of Granger Community Church