15 Tectonic Shifts that Transform Churches, Communities, and the World


What Others Are Saying

“Missional Moves” is one third courageous church RE-THINK, one third brilliant leadership systems RE-LOAD, and one third faithful biblical RE-SOLUTION to be the Church we were all meant to be and be a part of. I applaud this book and pray its story will influence your story.”
Hugh Halter – Author of The Tangible Kingdom
“If you’re wrestling with the tension between missional and attractional and ready to move beyond conceptual conversations to faith in action, read Missional Moves. These guys are among the trailblazing churches that are modeling what church as movement looks like.”
Tony Morgan – Author, Leadership Coach, Consultant
“The church in the west is experiencing seismic shifting and Missional Moves gives us a prophetic glimpse of how it will shake out. Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder have done a brilliant job of identifying 15 tectonic shifts that need to take place in the western church for us to impact our communities and the world. Each of these 15 chapters is worth the price of the book. Every church leaders should read Missional Moves because it is a rare book that combines theological integrity and great hands-on practical application for accomplishing the mission of Jesus.”
Dave Ferguson – Lead Pastor at Community Christian Church